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<noinclude><div class="plainlinks" style="float: right; margin-top: -20px;">['''[http://meta.wikimedia.org{{LOCALURL:Global_notifications|action=history&feed=rss}} RSS]&nbsp;[[Image:Feed-icon.svg|12px|link=http://meta.wikimedia.org{{LOCALURL:Global_notifications|action=history&feed=rss}}]]''']</div></noinclude>
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topic = Wikimedia notification system
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[[Image:Mail-notification.svg|25px|link=m:Global notifications]] <small>''This is a '''global notification system''' for all Wikimedia wikis!''</small>
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If it should be necessary to inform many wikis about something important, a [[meta:Global_notifications|global notification]] can be requested at '''[[meta:Global notifications/requests]]'''. It is possible to have wiki and/or language dependent text within every message. All Meta notifications are synchronized automatically, either on all wikis or just on specific, selected ones.
* <small>Now it is possible to reach all wiki communities easily and entirely, not just those active users that regularly visit our Meta wiki or read the [[meta:Wikizine|Wikizine]] for example.</small>
To have a common access point, the messages are updated at '''[[{{NS:User}}:WikimediaNotifier/notifications]]''' ''(mirrored, any changes to this page will be overwritten; [[meta:Global_notifications/how-to#translation|use a separate page for translation]]);'' you can include this page<small>(s)</small> like a template wherever you want, let's say your village pump, giving a description in your language!
Have a look on the '''[[meta:Global notifications/how-to|Frequently Asked Questions]]''' to see how it can fit your needs!
* "Tu libertad para
* <small>With '''[[meta:User:Pathoschild/Scripts/SynchCrosswiki|SynchCrosswiki]]''' there furthermore is an easy way to create or synchronize pages like user scripts on all wikis!</small>
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''&hellip; it's for spreading information; and for a better cross-wiki communication & collaboration!''
}}<br />
topic = Fundraising 2008
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<span style="position: absolute; top: -38px; right: 42px; color: #BCBCBC;"><small>2008-11-04</small></span>
<div style="float: left; margin-right: 15px;">[[Image:USCurrency Federal Reserve.jpg|40px|link=wikimedia:Donate/Now/en]]</div>
Wikimedia is starting with the [[meta:Fundraising 2008|2008 fundraiser]]. It is being turned on gradually and will finally run until the middle of January 2009.<br />The goal is to get 6 million US$ donated.


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