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Beside the elder [[mw:Help:Patrolled_edits|Patroller extension]] for patrolling recent changes and new pages, there is a highly configurable [[meta:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] extension, called [[mw:Extension:FlaggedRevs|FlaggedRevs]].
'''FlaggedRevs''' &ndash; being already enabled on [[meta:FlaggedRevs|several Wikimedia wikis]] &ndash; is a toolset for transparent and ensured article <u>patrolling</u> and/or for reliable <u>quality</u> assurance by specifying certain accurate article revisions that are shown to the public by default. Those stable article versions are identified in a release process by a trustable editorial staff and/or get approved by a reviewing expert staff. It is even possible to mark (tag) revisions of selected articles for different purposes, let's say for an article validation aiming on a print edition. Furthermore, there is the possibility to let your readers give you evaluative feedbacks.
FlaggedRevs will make your wiki more reliable and thus more reputable over the time!
Have a look on [[meta:FlaggedRevs|Meta's description]], the [[mw:Extension:FlaggedRevs|technical description]] and the '''[[mailarchive:wikipedia-l/2008-June/030575.html|guidance for requesting FlaggedRevs]]'''!
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