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Carlo Brescia

About me

I was born in Lima, Peru, but I have been living in Huaraz for more than 20 years in the Central Andes of the country. I started editing in 2007 but since 2017 I have been editing more actively in the Wikimedia projects, mainly in Eswiki, Wikidata, Commons and Wikispecies. I am an environmental activist, documentary filmmaker, project designer and cultural manager.

My work

I have been organizing Wikimedia community activities in Peru since 2018. At the present, I am the co-leader of a Wikimedia Project approved by the WMF that has the main objective of expanding the Wikimedia movement in Peru through a focus on ecology, gender and culture (from June 2021 to May 2022).

You can also find me:

Contact me

  • carlo.brescia(_AT_)
  • Linktree: (_AT_)carlobrescia
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