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</div></div> <section end="technews-2020-W17"/> 18:44 20 abr 2020 (UTC)
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== Technical maintenance planned ==
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(Sorry for using English. {{int:please-translate}}.)
A maintenance operation will be performed on Thursday 30th April at 05:00 AM UTC.
It impacts all wikis and is supposed to last a few minutes.
During this time, new translations may fail, and Notifications may not be delivered. For more details about the operation and on all impacted services, please check [[phab:T250733|on Phabricator]].
A banner will be displayed 30 minutes before the operation.
Please help making your community aware of this maintenance operation.
[[user:Trizek (WMF)|Trizek (WMF)]], 18:01 27 abr 2020 (UTC)
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