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topic = GlobalWikimedia notification system
|content = <small>''This is a first '''global notification system''', for all Wikimedia wikis!''</small>
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'''[[meta:Fundraising_2008/core_messages|Help translate for the 2008 Fundraiser!]]'''
topic = External Wikipedia Survey
|content = There is a '''Wikipedia survey''', developed by UNU-MERIT ''(United Nations University &ndash; Maastricht Economic and Social Research and Training Center)'' together with the [[meta:Wikimedia Foundation|Wikimedia Foundation]], the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia. It already has been translated into different languages by Wikimedia volunteers.
The Collaborative Creativity Group investigates the socio-economics of collaboration across all domains such as free content and innovation in collaborative communities. UNU-Merit's research interests are purely scientific in nature.
The survey will allow the [[meta:The_Wikipedia_Community|Wikimedia community]] to understand who our readers and contributors are, why they come to Wikipedia, what they think about it, and how they use it<!--and why people stop contributing-->. The survey will help WMF to find the best ways to engage new and existing contributors.
Just '''take part in the survey''': survey.wikipediastudy.org/intro.php?lang={{CONTENTLANGUAGE}}
<small>See [[w:en:Wikipedia:Survey 2008|Wikipedia:Survey 2008]] for more information.</small>


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