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topic = Global notification system
:<small>Now it is possible to reach all wiki communities easily and entirely, not just those active users that regularly visit our Meta wiki or read the [[meta:Wikizine|Wikizine]] for example.</small>
To have a common access point, the messages are updated at '''[[User:WikimediaNotifier/notifications]]'''; you can include this page as a template wherever you want! Consider creating a dedicated page for this, like e.g. [[{{NS:Project}}:Global announcements]], where you could provide a description in your language, or just include it into your village pump page.<!--also keep track by using the web feed-->
* At [[User:WikimediaNotifier/template]] you can change the appearance of the message boxes!
** <small>With [[User:WikimediaNotifier/config.js|config.js]] you can regulate what additional messages for other wikis are to be included, see the [[meta:Global_notifications/how-to|how-to]] for that.</small><!--.../self.js-->
** <small>Note: You should <u>not</u> give [[User:WikimediaNotifier]] a bot flag, as the community wouldn't notice updates anymore then!</small>
** <small>With '''[[meta:User:Pathoschild/Scripts/SynchCrosswiki|SynchCrosswiki]]''' now there furthermore is an easy way to create or synchronize pages like user scripts on all wikis!</small>
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''&hellip; it's for spreading information; and for a better cross-wiki communication & collaboration!''
topic = Global bots
|content = On [[meta:Steward_requests/Bot_status#Global_bot_requests|Meta]], a bot account now can get a bot flag for all wikis that allow [[meta:Bot_policy#Global_bots|global bots]]!<br />To be able to run also on your {{SITENAME}}, the community has to explicitly permitted global bots by local policy, [[meta:Bot_policy/Implementation#Where_it_is_policy|see list]].
''To qualify for global bot access, the following requirements must be met by a bot:''
# it must only maintain '''interlanguage links''' or fix '''double-redirects'''
# it must already be '''active on several wikis''', with '''long-term''' contributions to back up its '''trustworthiness'''
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topic = Earlier goings-on
|content = Most earlier global goings-on are listed at [[meta:Goings-on]].


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